Configuring Carrd On Cloudflare Sub Domains

Publication Date | February 25, 2019
Last Updated | June 25, 2020 has absolutely beautiful designs. However, I ran into some issues on setting up Carrd with CloudFlare and subdomains.

Let's say I wanted to host a Carrd design on (so aside from

If you follow the instructions exactly, you end up with a CNAME that doesn't work and your subdomain won't work! The important caveat was to have patience and to also take out the CNAME record.

  1. Only setup the A record on CloudFlare. I recommend using DNS only and setting the TTL to 2 minutes (until you know it works for a few days). Then you can turn CloudFlare's proxy back on if you wish.

  1. You should NOT setup the CNAME record if this is a subdomain.
  2. On Carrd - Hit Publish. Wait an hour if it doesn't immediately work. In my first attempt, I didn't realize that the changes were a bit slow to propagate.

  1. You may see some https:// errors, but give it a few hours for LetsEncrypt to figure itself out. The key is patience!
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