Great Startups Need Great Engineers.

Engineers apply to your network. We place them in your companies. Minimize the hiring time, maximize your network's momentum.

Technical Testing

Engineers hate company-specific take-home tests because they take too much time for an application. Your best candidates just won't have time. Offer a single test that works for all your companies? That's much more reasonable ...
We'll create, administer and review the detailed take-home technical tests. The results available for hiring managers.

Send to One? Or Send to All?

Limit this exceptional engineer to only see opportunities from Stripe & Palantir? That's easy. Want to broadcast this resume to your entire network? Even easier.

Signing Bonuses Work.

Offer a signing bonus to engineers. Turn the "not-looking" to ONLY "actively" looking in your investments.
Senior engineers normally have multiple offers before making a decision - let's make sure they only consider offers from your companies.
Stop your companies from paying pushy recruiters $20,000+ per hire.

Team Collaboration

Share detailed candidate notes.
Pass or forward objective (and HR-friendly) information about a candidate anonymously. Did one of your CTOs decline this candidate because of his inability to do FizzBuzz? Let's pass this information along to avoid potential lemons.

Customized solutions for custom problems.

You need it? We'll build it.