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When you're ready to publish - don't spend time publishing individually to Nature, Journal of Science, use our templates and our "Easy Apply" to all of them at once.

Peer Collaboration

Stop sharing messy, unversioned, conflicted Word documents. Use our best-in-class collaboration tools.
  • Assign deadlines for authors to help finish or review sections.
  • Ask for help from your colleagues to review sections.
  • Add raw datasets that can be formatted.

Rich Multimedia Support

Need to see it in a graph? Done. Or in LaTeX? Easy. What about a PDF? Even easier. Our engineering team has added file formats faster than anyone else.

Import References From Anywhere

  • Mendeley
  • EndNote.
  • Zotero.
  • Citavi.
  • BibDesk.
  • Plain Text.
  • Our promise that we'll continue prioritizing requested import formats.

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